Flying Insect Killer (FIK)
Q : What is the advantage of the FIK in water based insecticide aerosol?
A : More green and environmental friendly, at the same time it can bring the same term of efficacy as oil based.
Q : Why is the water based FIK insecticide aerosol so popular in Europe-US countries?
A :
Water based means low kerosene used in the formulation. The percentage of kerosene (oil) used determined the level of VOC (Volatile organic compounds) which able to affect human health. The lower the kerosene used, the lesser the VOC value.
Crawling Insect Killer (CIK)
Q : Why is the Ethanol based CIK insecticide aerosol so special and unique?
A :

Ethanol based means alcohol was used as the solvent. This is to confirm that the chemical used is more green, biodegradable and environmental friendly. Ethanol has the high ability of penetration, enable the main Active Ingredients to penetrate into the inner skin of animals very effectively & kill all kind of flea species instantly.

Q : Why there is a residual effect (Ethanol CIK) ? How does it work?
A :

Ethanol based means alcohol was used as the solvent. This is to confirm that the chemical used is more green, biodegradable and environmental friendly.

It provides long lasting residual killing and insect control on inanimate surfaces. After a sprayed on object, the function of TARDY FORMULATION (slow release) will effect at least 6 months. The main Active Ingredients was covered under the layer, it could released through the micro pore of the layer. Within the period, it could kill every passed by insects.

Q : What is Pyrethrum ? Where does it come from?
A :

Pyrethrum is derived from the plant Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium. Pyrethrins is the active insecticidal component of Pyrethrum . It continues to enjoy widespread acceptance as the natural insecticide spray because of its natural environmental friendly status and low toxicity.

Kenya is the leading supplier of Pyrethrum to insecticide formulator worldwide, in which contributing more than 65% of global pyrethrum supply.
Q : Is natural pyrethrum safe to use?
A :

Yes. P yrethrum continues to enjoy widespread acceptance because of its natural product (Environmental friendly) status and low toxicity.

Q : How long has the pyrethrum been exist?
A :

Pyrethrum daisy is mentioned in early Chinese history some 2,000 years ago and was probably brought to Europe along the silk routes.
* Known as Persian Insect Powder during the Persian Empire, now common in the wild in Iran and Croatia.
* Pyrethrum was cultivated in Europe during 1800's.
* Introduced to the USA as Insect Flowers about 1860.

Q : Is Natural P yrethrins effective against insects?
A :

Natural Pyrethrins has immediate and strong activation/KD and flushing effects on insects. It is a strong insect repellent and anti-biting effects, consists of a natural mixture of six active compounds and low likelihood of insect resistance.

Auto Cap
Q : What is the special features of Auto Cap ?
A : Auto Cap is an electro- magnetic devise for multiple refill used. Differ from the conventional automatic dispenser with mechanism theory, in which would cause mechanical problem frequently. Auto Cap now adopted the latest technology in the combination of magnetic valve and printed circuit board (timing control, volume control and light sensor control) to have a high efficiency, safe and high precision.
Q :

What is Chlorophyll so called the ‘blood' of plants?

A :
Chlorophyll is almost identical to another complex molecule totally essential to higher life forms of hemoglobin (main component of blood). Hemoglobin contains an iron atom at its center, and chlorophyll has a magnesium atom. Numerous animal tests have shown, however, that chlorophyll can be converted into hemoglobin, and it is thus a tremendous builder of a healthy blood supply.
Q : What is the main functions of Chlorphyll ?
A :

Chlorophyll can eliminate the chemical antiseptics in food diminish inflammation, detoxify, anticancer, deodorize, get rid of body waste and increase the value of helpful cells without any side effect. Modern physics find that chlorophyll can accelerate the growth of new tissue in ulcer and concrescence. It can be used for the surgery infection and wound, because it can promote the growth of health tissue and accelerate concrescence, Chlorophyll powder can help the body to keep the balance of acid and alkali with its plentiful mineral and alkaline substance. The best health food for the elderly, infant, pregnant woman and etc…