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Natural Pyrethrins
Pyrethrum is a product of nature. Synthetics insecticides are imitations.
Pyrethrum: From paddock to finished product
Pyrethrum is derived from the plant Tenacetum cinerariaefolium. Pyrethrins is the active insecticidal component of pyrethrum.
Natural insecticide & Bio degradable
Pyrethrum continue to enjoy widespread acceptance because of its : -natural product Environmental Friendly status and low toxicity.

Insecticide sprays formulated with natural pyrethrum with synergist continue to be a popular and effective means of insects control.

Synergist is a compound which has little or no insecticidal action by itself but when combined with Pyrethrum or another insecticide, will act to multiply the effect of pyrethrum.

Pyrethrins is the active insecticidal component. Insecticide sprays formulated with natural pyrethrum continue to be a popular and effective means of insects control.

Pyrethrum is different from synthetics insecticide in a number of ways: -

Very low toxicity to human and warm blooded animals/ pets
Non persistent. It break down in sunlight and does not contaminate the environment.
Fast acting against many harmful insects.
Insects resistant is very uncommon

A decade ago, pyrethrum seedlings were laboriously planted by hand. The process is now mechanized, producing dense, white masses of flowers, such as these (above) at Kindred, in Tasmania, Australia.
PYRETHRINS synergist is a natural formulation available in water based/ dry based and it is biodegradable. This is a new concept, environmental friendly, safe to use natural insecticide (Pyrethrins) and new formulation in the market.
Like all other daisies, and their larger cousins the chrysanthemums, pyrethrum daisies have a composite flower head- each is made up of hundreds of tiny florets.

Those on the outside, with their large white petals, are the ray florets, surrounding a tightly packed cluster of bright yellow disc florets.

When these are fertilized they each form an achene, or fruit, containing a seed. And this is where the Pyrethrins are found: in tiny oil glands scattered over the surface of each achene.

The unique biological properties

Remarkable results against a wide variety of insects. Pyrethrum is a contact insecticide attacking the nervous system of insects almost immediately and causing knockdown, soon followed by kill, particularly against mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, etc.
Broad Spectrum of Activity : Because Pyrethrum consists of a group of related compounds; it has a wider spectrum of activity against insect species than many single insecticides.
Lack of Insect Immunity : The structure of the molecule is so complex and it breakdown so quickly that insect resistance to Pyrethrum is not a practical problem.
Low Mammalian Toxicity : No other insecticide can claim such a long record of proven safety towards humans and warm-blooded animals. It is one of the least toxic of domestic insecticides available and has worldwide approval for use in the most sensitive home environments.
Environment friendly - Non resistant: PYRETHRINS is degraded by the combination of sunlight and water and therefore presents minimal environmental the hazard.
Repellency : PYRETHRINS is a powerful insect repellent which in combination with its low mammalian toxicity favors it in many applications, such as food and grain storage protection, personal protection, and inhibit biting by insect, such as mosquitos.
Flushing Action : PYRETHRINS has a much greater flushing effect than any other insecticide; it disturbs pests such as cockroaches in their hiding places forcing them to get out and to get exposed to the insecticide.
At Devonport, Mango, a jack Russell-beagle cross, wears her most expressive look as she gets rinsed off after being washed with dog shampoo containing pyrethrum. Non-toxic to warm-blooded animals, pyrethrum is used as an insecticide in a range of preparations, from mosquito coils to fly-sprays.

As opposed to synthetic pyrethroids such as permethrin or resmethrin, insects do not build up resistence to Pyrethrins so the killing effect will not diminish over time.

It is also biodegradable - after the spray has done its work it degrades leaving no residual matter. Pyrethrins is USDA accepted for use in human food processing facilities so you know it is not only safe for you but also for your animals.

Pyrethrins is the most effective and efficient means for controlling insects while maintaining a safe environment for you and your animals. It also aids in the control of disease carried by insect vectors thereby reducing the spread of infections and contamination.

In this respect, Pyrethrins with synergist is always strongly recommended and guarantees that all the contaminated insects really die. The newly developed formulation interferes with the detoxification of the insecticide by inhibiting the functions of the insects’ MFO enzymes (antibody system) and plays an important role in preventing or delaying the onset of resistance.

Pyrethrins contained the synergist, which is a substance that considerably increases the efficacy of an active ingredient (Pyrethrins) towards insects. Researchers have dealt with the detoxification problem by combining Pyrethrum extract with a liquid synergist, which fools the insect's metabolism so that it doesn't break down pyrethrum in the body. Mixed with this chemical, a small amount of Pyrethrum can control insects effectively.

It is non-persistent being rapidly degraded by light and other natural processes, meaning that they degrade into totally non-toxic substances in a very short time after sprayed. Its long-term usage results minimal impact on the human and environment

Furthermore, the new formulation approved food additive tolerance, so it can be used safely for general applications in household, food