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Ear Cleaner


Product details:

Packing:100 ml bottle


Direction of use:
Pour the pet ear cleaner on cotton pad/ cotton stick


Storage :

Store in cool, dry place





Our pet ear cleaner is formulated at human quality standard and safe for all pets, this product is 100% natural with Tea Tree essential oil, Aloe Vera and extracts from sea algae. Besides, it also recommended because it is non-alcohol based in which it will not causing uncomfortable for dog's ear. Pet ear cleaner is such an easy product to use, one-step process and it works. Routine use helps maintain good ear hygiene. 




  Cleansing in which it keeps ear canals clear and free of blockages;
  Soothes and conditions ear passages to prevent common itching and scratching;
  Safely removes dead tissue and debris caused by infection;
  Keep dog's ear comfortable and fresh smelling;
  Eliminates acute and chronic inflamation (otitis) of the external ear caused by bacteria, viral and yeast infections.