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Skin and Coat Treatment Spray

Product details:

Packing : 100 ml bottle


Direction of use:
Hold container about 6 ‘’– 8 ‘’ from skin of pet and spray 2-3 times.


Storage :

Store in cool, dry place


Caution :

Keep out of children’s reach




Skin and Coat Treatment Spray serve as an excellent topical treatment combination for pets with dry, flaky, itchy, irritated and smelly skin and hair coats. It also improves the wet and dry combing properties and offers a good softening effect for normal hair.


Brushing this skin and coat treatment spray into the skin maximizes the effectiveness of the spray solution on the skin. Spray without brushing on the areas of the skin where irritations like hot spots, rashes and other mild skin problems exist.



Skin and coat treatment spray contains natural anti-bacterial agent which helps to stop the growth of bacteria involved in acne (Propionibacterium acnes) and body odour (Corynebacterium xerosis).

The mixture of oil and cells allow bacteria Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) that normally live on the skin to grow in the plugged follicles. These bacteria produce chemicals and enzymes and attract white blood cells that cause inflammation.