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Cockcroach Bait

Product details:

Packing : 6 bait stations per pack


Direction :
Use 4 baits for an average-sized kitchen (approximately 2 m X 2.5 m).

To use bait, just snap them apart. Remove double-sided sticker at the back of baits and place about 1 m from each other. Record replacement date on the label of stations. Replace all bait every 3 months for effective control.


Storage :
Store in cool, dry place.


Caution :
Keep out of children's reach. Do not eat.





Roach Bait uses 100% natural ingredients which included clay oil, polymorphous silicium combination and feed bait. It effectively keeps away cockroaches from your family without any stain or fume.



Highly effective against cockroaches
Long lasting control
Good storage stability
Attractive to cockroaches
100% natural and non-toxic to human and animals
Clean, odorless and no mess
Easy to apply



Suitable for usage in:
Industrial and domestic kitchens
Restaurants, etc