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500 ml Catephyll


Catephyll is a uniquely blended formula comprising the best of Tea Polyphenols (97%) togather with Chlorophyll and Green Tea Extract. It is nutritious and refreshing health drink.


Tea polyphenol (TP) is a technical product extracted from green tea. It mainly contains catechins and other components such as vitamins and microelements. It shows not only an excellent antioxidative effect on fat and oil containing foods, but also showed germicidal activity, anti-senescent activity, preventing food from fading, improving the stability of vitamins and inhibiting the formation of carcinogen nitrite. Moreover, TP has such a good effect on eliminating free radicals that it can prevent and cure cardiovascular diseases induced by the excess of free radical. It is also an agent that can distinctively strengthen the capacity of immunity.




Pharmaceutical Properties of Tea Polyphenol:


Tea Polyphenol is a natural antioxidant which can protect easy-oxidant in the body from oxidizing through oxidized itself to make cellular activity normalize. For example, the excess of free radicals can induce sorts of diseases, however, TP supplies lots of protons which combine with free radicals to prevent from diseases. Having been proven by a large quantity of studies and clinical practice in academic and medical field, TP possesses the following effects:


1. Curing cardiovascular diseases. TP shows good effects on fibrinolysis and anti-blood agglutination, especially free catechins possess the ability of preventing platelet from agglutination.


2. Inhibiting artereosclerosis, reducing the possibility of hypertensive and coronary heart diseases.


3. Anticarcinogenic, blocking the formation of endogenous nitrosoamine which is carconogen.


4. Strengthening the capacity of body immunity and antisenescent.


5. Detoxicating and antiradiation. TP is a natural filter to ultraviolet radiation.


6. Enhancing the tenacity and permeating ability of blood capillary, improving the resistance of blood vessel.


7. Deodorizing and eliminating the halitosis, anticaries, as well as possesses the germicidal activity.


8. Effectively inhibiting the activity of cranial neuropathy.