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Liquid Chlorophyll




There is a saying that goes " Green inside, clean inside."Required for life, as we know it to exist,chlorophyll is often referred to as "green blood" and "oxygenated sunshine". Chlorophyll is remarkably similar to hemoglobin, the red pigment in our blood.


Our Liquid Chlorophyll is specially formulated which is rich with chlorophyllin (chlorophyll derivative). Our chlorophyllin  is extracted from mulberry leaves. Uniquely, our liquid chlorophyll contains no artificial flavouring and colouring substances.



Power of Cleansing

The evidence of chlorophyll medicinal value is most encouraging, so far. It has been observed to combat deep-lying infections, cleanse open wounds, relieve chronic sinus conditions, and exile common colds. More remarkable is the way it accomplishes these things - speedily and effectively, with none of the harsh, irritating effects common to most antiseptics. Chlorophyll had no antiseptic properties of its own. Chlorophyll does, however, have the ability to aid animal tissue in combating and killing germs. By strengthening the tissue, chlorophyll increases the disease presistance of cells and, at the same time, inhibits the growth of bacteria.



Power of Balancing

Unlike other antioxidant, which merely quench free radicals, chlorophyll traps heterocyclic hydrocarbon carcinogenics by reacting with their backbone, making it impossible for them to form adducts with DNA. Besides, it was found that chlorophyll is a far more potent antimutagenic agent compared to green tea and black tea. In one study, teas did not degrade the mutagen IQ(2-amino-3-methylimidazo[4,5-f] quinoline found in cooked meat, while chlorophyll rapidly degraded IQ by combining with it.



Power of Nourishing

Chlorophyll is able to help the body because of its great mineral content. It is high in organic iron, potassium, magnesium, and copper. The iron in chlorophyll attracts oxygen, which aids in the treatment of anemia and rejuvenates the thyroid. Potassium plays a key role in good heart health while helping the body build and maintain muscle. Copper helps build the bloodstream and is vital for overall health. These minerals are naturally sourced within chlorophyll, allowing them to be readily absorbed by the body.




Reasons that you should choose our liquid chlorophyll:


1. Approved by Ministry of Health (MOH), Malaysia
Liquid chlorophyll is certified safe to consume without side-effect.



2. Certified " HALAL" by JAKIM
Our liquid chlorophyll is manufactured in accordance with Muslim food regulations and is certified " HALAL" by JAKIM.




3. Manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Our liquid chlorophyll is manufactured under ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System. Thus, the health food product is manufactured in clean and hygienic environment for the best quality and potent nutritional drink.



4. Liquid Form
Our finish product is manufactured in liquid form for easy absorption and better assimilation by body.


5. Free from coloring and heavy metals

Nutritional supplement must be free from coloring and heavy metals in order to effectively benefit consumers. Our liquid chlorophyll is free from these harmful elements, thus is highly recommended for daily consumption to improve and maintain good health.