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Kudamas Deodorant Spray is a unique formulation. It is the only chemical of its kind, possessing true deodorant qualities. Through a chemical reation, Kudamas Deodorant Spray has the tendency of neutralizing odors caused by organic decomposition. The active in Kudamas Deodorant Spray is a scientifically developed neutralized agent. It is not mask for undesirable odors, and does not in any way dull the sense of smell. 


When diluted as recommended and dispersed into the atmosphere in the form of a fine mist, the active in Kudamas Deodorant Spray has the remarkable property of destroying odors associated with human beings, animals, food and human habitations.


The deodorizing ability of this spray has been confirmed beyond any real doubt. Tests have been shown that as little as 0.1 ppm of the deodorant completely eliminates the repugnant odors of cigar smoke, fried onion, boiled cabbage, decaying fish, etc.






Negative (-) charged malodor molecules in ambient air can be detected at concentrations as low as 1 - 100 ppm. Positive (+) charged of deodorizer molecules are introduced as particles (aerosol) or in the vapor phase (diffusion). The molecules are attracted to one another joining to form new molecular pairs. Deodorizer physics-chemical processes " lock up" malodor molecules, rendering them essentially odorless. The neutralized pairs sink to the floor or loft out of the area, evaporating over time.





Malodor                                       Deodorizer                     Deodorizer disassociated malodor molecules rendering it to non-volatile, then

                                                                                           biodegradable naturally