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Product details:


Packing : 40g/ bag



Take off foil bag and suspend the inside bag


The product is innocuous goods, but do not eat.
Keep away from children.

Away of dry goods, such as cushion.


Efficient time:

30 days



Keep in indoor cool place



Suspension bag is a green disinfectant which has been recognized as the safe, efficient, wide spectrum and internationally accepted.


It is a disinfectant recommend by the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nation (UN) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). It is also a disinfectant listed on the Guideline for Laboratory Biosafety of the WHO.


The disinfection efficacy of suspension bag is not affected by pH and its advantage of not generating carcinogen (THMs), make it a green disinfectant highly praised by the European Countries and the United States.


Due to its strong oxidizing activity, it has potent antimicrobial activity against bacterial, fungus, virus and endospore. It also has been confirmed to be useful as a preventive means against influenza in places of human activity without necessitationg evacuation.




As a general matter, substances of organic nature in bacterial cells react with active ingredient within suspension bag, causing several cellular processes to be interrupped. The active ingredient reacts directly with amino acids and the RNA in the cell. The production of proteins and fats and by prevention of inhalation. When bacteria are eliminated, the cell wall is penetrated by active ingredient. Besides, active ingredient kills viruses by prevention of protein formation so it is more effective against viruses than chlorine or ozone.


  Easily to store
  Convenient to use
  Able to determine and prevent the encroaching from bacterial on the environment



Microbiological Data: