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Product details:


Packing : 500 ml trigger spray



Hold container upright 6" to 8" from surface and spray on the treated area.


For pre-cleaned surfaces, spray 2 to 3 seconds until covered with mist. Allow to stand for 10 minutes to air dry or clean it with a cloth.


For hard non-porous food contact surfaces: spray until covered with mist, let stand for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.



Keep out of reach of children



Store in cool, dry place



Disinfectant trigger spray is a highly effective, non-staining detergent sanitizer for the cleaning and disinfecting of all hard surfaces as part of a regular cleaning and infection control program.




   Cleans and protects any hard surface without abrasion or bleaching
  Suitable for use on all surfaces: metal, wood, glass, plastics
  Routine cleaning and disinfection of walls and floors
  Suitable for sanitation of surfaces in food preparations areas

   Still effective in the presence of high level organic contamination
   Leaves a fresh scent
    Effective in all water conditions
  Excellent soil tolerance and dirt dissolution properties
  Economical in use
  Rapid acting