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Spirulina is the notanical name of a blue green algae with barely half a milimeter long, which is a genus cyanophyta. It mainly lives the tropical and subtropical lakes. Asa valuable economic alga, it is first discovered in Chad lake of middle-Africa and of Mexico. Spirulina ia a natural nutritive which contains the richest and well-balanced nutritional ingredients as people know at present. So it is recommended by many authoritative organization:


World Health Organization (WHO)

   Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
   United Nations Educational, Scientific and Culture Organization (UNESCO)
   United Nations World Food Society (UNWFS)
   The 72nd International Microorganism Protein Conference
   The 74th United Nations Food Conference
   America Food and Drug Administration
   Health Food Japan Society
   Chinese Ministry of Public Health


Spirulina is a highly nutrition health food which contains abundant nutritive and bio-active substance such as protein, numerous amino acids, vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, B-carotene, chlorophyll and Y-linolenic. The efficiency of these composition for increasing immunity, adjusting physiological function, enhancing metabolism, preventing some diseases has been known  by the physician of all of the world. By bringing spirulina into human lives, we can improve the health of our planet.