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Ecotec System

Ecotec System

What's ECOTEC?


Latex stimulation using PGR gas was introduced to the rubber industry in the 1990's and this method is now widely used in the NR plantations. It is cost effective and safe. PGR functions by delaying the plugging mechanism at the surface of cut latex vessels. This results in prolonging latex flow and thus increases in rubber yield.


ECOTEC system is a user friendly device through which PGR gas is safely applied directly onto the bark of rubber tree at regular intervals to increase latex yield at the convenience of tappers or operators.





  To increase rubber yield
  To save on bark consumption by adopting 1/8S or 1/4S cut, thus prolonging the economic life  span of
rubber trees
  To reduce tapping work load of tappers through shorter tapping panels 


For optimum results, trees should be:


More than 12 years where BO1 (panel A) had been finish-tapped
  Healthy with good canopy, min girth 60 cm
  Well fertilized and well maintained
  No bark dryness or brown bast


How to fix Eco-pouch Set?


For upward tapping



For downward tapping


(HO panel)



(Basal Panel)


1. Open a 1/4S cut.

2. Using stapler, fix the Eco-pouch 15 cm away from the tapping cut by stapling the 4 corners.

  3. Using cap fixer, lightly knock in the metal cap 10 cm above the tapping cut (for upward tapping) or 10 cm below the tapping cut (for downward tapping).

4. Fix the metal cap 2 mm deep (see marking on the metal cap).

   5. A completed tree.



How to fill ECOgas?



1. Detach the metal cap
2. Lightly compress the pouch to remove air from the pouch
3. Re-attach the metal cap
4. Filling around 20 ml gas into the pouch through the one-way valve


What tapping system to use?


Panel HO: 1/8S d/3 or 1/4S d/3  
      Panel BO2: 1/4S (t,t) d/3  



Work schedule:



Gassing Once in 10-15 days
Volume of gas per gassing 20 ml - 40 ml
Eco-cap position

Fix at 10 cm above the tapping cut

Shift position every month


General Guide on Manuring Mature Rubber:




Rate/ tree

March/ April

Compound (12:12:17:2)


Compound (15:7:18:2)

700 gm

July/ August

Compound (12:12:17:2)


Compund (15:7:18:2)

500 gm


  • Ensure weeds are controlled before applying fertilizer
  • Fertilizer should be evenly broadcasted over the entire area (tree rows and inter rows)
  • Apply fertilizer when the soil is moist
  • Do not apply fertilizer if the soil is very dry or draught
  • Do not apply during heavy rain season
  • Split the application if the soil is very sandy