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Concentrated Air Freshener


Concentrated air freshener is formula uniquely in which last longer than many other air freshener products that are 20 to 30 times the liquid volume in size because of the super fine mist sprayer that dispenses just the right amount with just one squirt.


This sprayer can be applied on wide area such as restaurants, living area, school, car , hospital, office and etc.


Product Details:


Packing :

50 ml aerosol can



Hold the can upright and spray towards the center of the room. Spray upward throught the room size of 30 m3 for 4 times.



Avoid direct sunlight and store in cool, dry place.



Concentrated air freshener equipped with metering valve that are designed to provide accurate and stable control of mist sprayed out. The metered valve delivers precise spray volumes in an ultra fine mist to effectively freshen rooms up to 5000 cubic feet.


Due to it's unique formula, this sprayer delivers a super fine mist that floats in the air and does not fall to the ground immediately after being sprayed, so it penetrates and destroys odors effectively. Besides, itis available in various type of fragrance depends on customer requirement.


Pocket size of concentrated air freshener allow consumer to take along with them to everywhere.





Formulated with concentrated fragrance which last 5 times longer compared toconventional air fresheners.



Non-CFC, non-chlorinated and non-ozone depleting as LPG is used as propellent in concentrated air freshener which are less serious treat to the environment.



Does not leave oily resideafter spray due to innovative dry-based formula.



Convenient and portable as the can size is small.