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When facing with pest problem inside the home, many people will reach for aerosol insecticide. However, baits are the best management tactic for effectively eliminating ants problem, as the entire colony can be destroyed. This results in a more permanent solution to their ant problem. In addition, baits have low toxicity to people and pets.

Our ant bait uses 100% natural ingredients: fossil flour and food grade attractant with feed bait, to effectively control and eliminate ant colonies. The trick of using baits is to make sure that the offending ants find the bait, eat it voraciously and take it back to the nest feeding the queen. If residual insecticide sprays are used, the foraging ants may die before they feed or take the bait back to the nest, counteracting the effectiveness of the bait. The entire colony will be destroyed within a few month depends on colony size, after applying ant baits. No insecticide sprays will be necessary!

However, one thing that need to take note is not all ant species fed on the baits every time due to ants' different feeding habits.

Product details:

Packing : 6 bait stations per pack


Direction :
Use 4 baits for an average-sized kitchen (approximately 2 m X 2.5 m).

To use bait, just snap them apart. Remove double-sided sticker at the back of baits and place about 1 m from each other. Record replacement date on the label of stations. Replace all bait every 3 months for effective control.


Storage :
Store in cool, dry place.


Caution :
Keep out of children's reach. Do not eat.




  Strong attractant effectively attractants to feed on bait;
  Effectively kill ants and destroy the colony;
  It is user friendly and easy for handling;
  It is small and not place consuming;
  It keeps safe, clean and hygiene after application;
  100% natural and non-toxic to human and animals.




The ant baits is suitable to be used for indoor and outdoor control of offending ants. Use sites include residential areas, institutional, warehousing and commercial establishments such as restaurants, food processing plants, supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, schools, apartments, aircraft, buses, vehicles,etc.